Peeling your thighs off of shitty, sticky, plastic lawn chairs in the summertime.


When you're on opposite sides of the country and yet STILL have a moment where your wavelengths collide at the exact same moment of missing.


When people say the exact right thing out of the blue but exactly when you need to hear it.


When you send someone a funny email and you can hear them laughing at it from across the office.


Sitting out on the edge of my roof late at night, legs dangling over the side, smoking and watching the city.


Returning home from work to find that the plants in your garden have doubled in size since the previous day.


When people look UNCANNILY like their dogs.


When someone's humming/whistling/singing some weird obscure song to themselves out in public and you actually recognize it as a song you super-love.


Sleeping topless beneath a breezy window on a hot summer's night.


When a boy makes you a mix, and there's love songs on it, and they kind of make your stomach flip-flop 'cause you're not sure if they're intended to be a message to you. (And even if they're totally totally not, the flip-flopping stomach is the best part anyways.)


When you hope and hope and hope one of your magazine subscriptions will show up in the mail when you get home, and it actually does.


Watching the Cleveland Marathon and giggling at the vastly different variety of ways that people run.


When the beat of the music your listening to matches up perfectly with someone jogging or the flapping wings of geese or the back and forth of your windshield wipers.




Redesigning your blog or website and then looking at it over and over just because it makes your eyes go squish.


Eating or smelling something that immediately reminds you of being little.


That song that gets stuck in your head all day for no apparent reason.


Dancing around the kitchen with your cats.


Being immature with my siblings.




The sexy deliciousness of avocados.


Beautiful sunrises that make the drive to work remarkable instead of painful.


That favorite item of deliciously overworn, super snuggly clothing.


Friends who are touchy-feely.


People who are really good storytellers.


Falling asleep to thunderstorms.


Mental telepathy moments with friends.


The amazingness of airplanes.


The weird amazingness of nature.


The galaxy of stars on my bedroom ceiling.


Sitting out on my roof late at night with the city thrumming quietly all around me.