The look from across the room.


Happening to catch sight of unkempt, half-sleepy neighbors first thing in the morning before they've had a chance to tidy themselves up for the day.


Watching birds on windy days playing and enjoying the air beneath their wings.


That single poof of weird cloud in an otherwise bright blue sky.


Strange moustaches.




Spending time outside in the rain and not worrying about getting soaking wet.


Watching my cats meticulously clean their faces.


The little things that people say that end up making your day without them even realizing it.


Changing nouns & proper nouns into verbs. I.e. I MacGyvered the SHIT outta my car yesterday.


Laughing so hard that you cry/squirt something out your nose/pee your pants just a little.




The longevity of my love for Tom Waits. (I remember playing "Murder in the Red Barn" for my freshman or sophomore high school poetry class as an example of a ballad.)


Seeing pictures of people you know when they were little.


The beautiful spirit of Muhammad Ali.


Dr. Seuss's One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.


Driving with the windows down on a really nice day.


That first kiss.






Finding things you wrote a long time ago and reading them with new eyes.


People who are really good whistlers.


That the hollow below the base of your thumb is called your "snuff box."


The wind up your skirt.


The warm summer disharmony of ice cream trucks jingling their way down the street.


Squeegeeing really filthy car windows back to spotless.


Inside jokes.

(Smp smp!)

("Sands a Million.")


Hearing someone you only just met use your name as though they know you intimately.


When a person's imitations of various different people all sound exactly the same.


When you put your boots on the heater to dry out and everything starts to suddenly smell like warm feet.